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Featuring award winning stars of La Soiree, Les 7 Doigts, Cirque du Soleil and the minds behind “Pink on the Inside” and “Notorious Strumpet & Dangerous Girl” comes EUROTRASHED.

Have you ever been to Europe? Yes/no/maybe - Doesn’t matter. Ever been trashed? Yes/no/maybe - Doesn’t matter. Ever been EUROTRASHED? Yes/no/maybe - THIS IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS.

As Europe is falling apart, it sends you its most absurd, wild (and sometimes incoherent) ambassadors, providing a tasting of their nonpareil liqueur: a dangerous cocktail of three unquestionably incompatible senses of humour: -The Swedish sense of humour (Skojigt? Ja!) -The French sense of humour (Do French people even have one? Non Madame!) -And the Aussie expat based in Britian sense of humour (Wait, what?) Love, Eriksson and Hatton come from different planets, each possessing their own outrageous style, which infuses the show with a unique flavour. Between mad circus skills and comedic convulsive routines, Eurotrashed takes you on one of the funniest and riotously surreal journeys you will ever experienced. These outstanding acrobatic clowns have between them won 10 awards for excellence in performance, including featuring in La Soiree when it was awarded an Olivier Award: Best Entertainment 2015. 

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